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La Marti & co

Martina Magionami, aka La Marti  is a Florentine pop-folk singer-songwriter born in 1992 who shares biographical and purely invented stories, emotions and travels, sometimes just equipped with a guitar and voice. The first approach takes place as a child, with the piano at home, as an autodidact. At the age of 11 she starts studying classical guitar with M° Marina Smuraglia but then the desire to experiment grew up with her: so as a teenager she took up the electric guitar and later on the acoustic, passing from rock to blues, from country to folk, deepening both fingerpicking and flat-picking techniques with M° Livio Guardi.
She emerges in 2016 on YouTube with La realtà dei sogni, written for a video project conceived and created by MustAchieve; she keeps recording and playing live new songs in Italian (ex: L'autostoppista).

In 2020 she undertakes and consolidates the collaboration with producer and songwriter Giulio Tonini, by recording in his T.Lane Studio One Place in Mind, Isola, Buonanotte di un invisibile and also participating in other colleagues' recording sessions.
Over the years she has been involved in various projects including SoundZanobi, an Anglo-Florentine soft/rock band, the old-time/bluegrass duo with Scottish mandolinist Grant Findlay and the Texita trio with Salvatore Lombardi and Molly Chapin with a "sexypoprock" repertoire with delicate jazz and RnB influences.
She performs for the first Sofar Sounds in Prato in July 2022 and presents some new projects such as The Virgin's Fountain (April 2022): written with Norwegian singer Nanne Emelie Andersen, it is an indie-pop song about a man who secretly mourns the loss of his true love. It was aired on numerous podcasts and radio stations in Europe, America and Australia. It therefore anticipates an EP of songs written and/or performed in collaboration with other artists from the US and UK (with release expected in 2024) and an important contribution for the recording of the parts of The Fox in the Music of the Stars musical written by Peter Dulborough (based on the story of The Little Prince).

Her first EP LOOP, released on 13 October 2023, is a collection in Italian and English of "moments of ordinary madness": a series of stories and situations in which the psyche is the protagonist. The release of a second EP with more romantic themes and subsequently other new collaborations is expected in spring 2024.

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