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Stories in music

What I don't say, I write down and then I sing. Stories about me, you and anybody else.

Always in a precarious balance between irony and melancholy.

Monotony is not my best friend and so every now and then I buy a new instrument to learn and strum: maybe it's so frustrating that it ends up in a corner, or it becomes so special that it ends up in a recording session. I've collected harmonicas, a kazoo, a melodica, a small keyboard, a ukulele, a tin whistle, a viola, and finally a mandolin - so far. The guitar (whether acoustic or electric) still remains my main instrument, my third arm, my second voice, my first true great love, what I would take to a desert island with no hesitation.

To learn more about my music journey and projects,  visit both pages MY MUSIC and LA MARTI & CO.

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